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Organizing may sound like a boring task, but actually, it can be quite creative and liberating, giving us a chance to find a new way of self-expression.

For 25+ years I struggled with making my home work for me efficiently. I felt like the place that was supposed to be cozy and inviting, was more often a daunting mess instead. Keeping my home tidy felt like a full-time job, as things didn’t have their own designated place, and just the sight of it drained all of my energy. I was unhappy in my own home and I felt like a failure, unequipped with even the basic organizational skills.

I didn’t know where to begin because every single thing needed my attention, and the perfectionist in me was terrified of doing it “wrong”. Later in life, I learned what ADHD was, and discovered that I myself had it. This explained my struggles in part. The other problems were my mindset and lack of skills and support. (Frankly, I was ashamed to admit it and ask for help). 

Five years ago, I was so determined to figure out a way that works for my brain and lifestyle, it became my everyday goal. And after thousands of trials and errors, I finally arrived in my happy place and helped many people do the same.

If you can relate to anything written above, I would love to help you! Nothing would make me happier than seeing the world full of happy and fulfilled people.

*On the photo are my two favorite men: my husband Cesar and our cat Boston :)

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